Mr. Sanjay N Tari

Sanjay N Tari, an accomplished professional with an impressive 25-year tenure in the financial field. As the Founder and Managing Director of Acensure Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Sanjay has established a prominent presence in Mumbai, serving a wide range of clientele, including corporate houses, individuals, NRIs, and HNIs worldwide.

Sanjay's extensive experience has equipped him with a deep understanding of financial planning, enabling him to provide clients with a systematic and comprehensive approach to managing their finances. Holding both the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification and an MBA in Insurance and Financial Planning, he combines his academic achievements with practical knowledge to create tailored strategies that align with clients' dreams and goals.

At Acensure Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Sanjay's unwavering belief in the responsibility entrusted to him by clients sets the foundation for their client-centric approach. By recognizing that clients entrust their dreams and goals to the firm, Sanjay and his team take pride in delivering personalized financial planning services to help clients achieve their aspirations.

With a vast portfolio of over 3500 satisfied retail and corporate clients, Sanjay's expertise and Acensure's commitment to excellence have solidified their reputation as a trusted partner in the financial planning arena. By placing clients at the forefront of their operations, they ensure that each individual receives the attention and guidance they deserve.

In summary, Sanjay N Tari's impressive track record, combined with his educational background and Acensure Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.'s client-focused approach, position him as a distinguished professional in the financial field. With their systematic approach and dedication to clients' financial planning, Sanjay and his team continue to assist individuals and businesses in realizing their financial dreams.


Mr. Sanjay N Tari



Insurance plans are beneficial to anyone looking to protect their family, assets/property and themselves from financial risk and losses. Rising inflation, increasing medical costs, increase in lifestyle diseases, uncertainty in climatic conditions are good enough reasons for people to protect themselves with a strong financial cushion.

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